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July 21, 2005


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i love this actress


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I feel like you could write haikus about only nipple slips, considering how often they come out and say "hello" these days...

poetic justice

What a clever way to do a haiku for a huge celeb like Cameron. I'd say another one for Janet may be necessary?

Check more Haiku's on
Let us make poetry move into action!

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I love to read about the world of show business and its stars and scandals, she looks very sexy than talented. I bring two links, thanks for the space.
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Kevin Munley

Diaz butt flap, tit spat,
Breasts fell out onto the floor,
A-rod's bat is sore.

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Great girl !

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The truth is hard to hide!

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The photographer forged (or as was his normal practice- had his assistant forge) Cameron Diaz's signature on the topless photos that he took of her when she was 19 years old.

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Is it possible to find these Cameron's photos now?

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